Its very tough to keep an eye 24 hours at your home or business and it reduces the chance of theft if properly monitored. If it is possible to monitor the business or house 24 hours remotely, then there is sense of security and peace of mind.

Gadget Masters is based in Albury and offers a wide range of security & alarm monitoring systems for both home and business use. We have a specialized technical team providing these services.

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Home Automation

Gadget Masters has a specialist team in bespoke designed Home Automation. We are proud to be an Australian based company located in Albury. Our team is specialized in Smart Home Automation, Security systems and access controls.

Stepping into the future of Smart Homes, set your home installed with Home Automation. We work to provide solutions in design and installation of technology for homeowners, builders, architects, interior designers, electricians and business.

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  • Installation for New Security System

  • Upgrade your Existing Security System

  • Servicing the Existing Security System

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